Burton Hanson for Congress
GOP Primary - MN 3rd District
Strength and Prosperity Through Peace

A Message for Democrats, Independents and Independent-Minded Republicans

The Minnesota 3rd Congressional District is what is known as a "safe district." This means that as a result of reapportionment, the eligible voters in the district are thought by political professionals likely to favor the candidate of one particular party, in this case the Republican Party, to a significant, even overwhelming, degree in the general election. As a practical matter, this in turn means that if my opponent, the incumbent Congressman Jim Ramstad, wins the primary election, he almost certainly will win the general election.
Because the district is a safe district for the Republicans, I urge Democrats, Independents and independent-minded Republicans who are dissatisfied with their representation and would like changes in the Congress and in national policy to make that dissatisfaction known and make their vote count by participating as Republicans in the September primary.
I am unashamedly a liberal-minded, progressive, common-sensical, independent-thinking, Constitution-loving, fair-play, balance-the-budget, peace-and-prosperity "Eisenhower Republican," and I invite you to give careful and thoughtful consideration to my candidacy.

My candidacy is primarily motivated by three factors:

a) I believe that no matter how safe a district is for the incumbent, the voters deserve to be given a choice.

b) I believe our representatives, in both parties, including my opponent, need to be held accountable for the biggest political mistake of the last 25 years -- giving President Bush a virtual blank-check authorization to pre-emptively invade Iraq. The war, at great cost -- in loss of nearly a thousand soldiers thus far; in personal sacrifice by thousands of soldiers and their families; in loss of our reputation around the world, even the support of our closest allies; in the unnecessary and therefore wasteful expenditure of billions of dollars -- has not only not made our country more secure but actually has made it less secure by diverting resources from other public needs, including defense against domestic terrorism. (More)

c) I believe that still, after all the hearings and reports and reorganizations, the President continues to ignore the best and surest path to ending terroristic attacks on Americans -- frankly and specifically, making a full-fledged, good-faith effort to achieve a fair and lasting settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This conflict is the proverbial elephant in the room which nearly everyone, donkeys and elephants alike, can't or won't see. (More)

While my opponent was playing follow the leader, I publicly opposed the so-called Patriot Act, the use of torture in interrogation, and the war resolution -- all long before it became popular to do so. If elected, I will be a fearless, independent and intelligent representative voice both within the party and within the Congress, and will not put party loyalty and personal political interests above the public interest.

Copyright (c) 2004 by Burton Randall Hanson. Prepared & published  by candidate on his own behalf and at his own expense. Candidate may be reached by e-mail at burtonhanson@burtonhanson.com. Candidate does not solicit or accept contributions or endorsements.