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Hanson for Congress
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Burton Hanson for Congress
GOP Primary - MN 3rd District
Strength and Prosperity Through Peace
I am a liberal-minded, progressive, pragmatic, independent-thinking, Constitution-loving, fair-play, balance-the-budget, peace-and-prosperity "Eisenhower Republican."

I urge Democrats, Independents and independent-minded Republicans to make your vote count by participating as Republicans in the September 14th primary in what is a "safe district" for Republicans.

I believe our representatives, in both parties, including my opponent, need to be held accountable for the biggest political mistake of the last 25 years -- giving the President a blank-check authorization to pre-emptively invade Iraq. As our representatives should have expected, the war has been a disaster.

I publicly opposed the so-called Patriot Act, the use of torture in interrogation, and the war resolution long before it became popular to do so. If elected, I will be an intelligent, independent, principled, and fearless representative voice both within the party and within the Congress.

Copyright (c) 2004 by Burton Randall Hanson. Prepared & published  by candidate on his own behalf and at his own expense. Candidate may be reached by e-mail at burtonhanson@burtonhanson.com. Candidate does not solicit or accept contributions or endorsements.